Cartrack is the first to offer a R150,000 warranty


Cartrack is the only vehicle tracking company in South Africa that offers a payment of up to R150 000 in the unlikely event that a client’s stolen or hijacked vehicle is not recovered.

In the unlikely event of a loss without recovery, Cartrack undertakes to pay the client a lump sum that is equal to the book value of the vehicle. This is calculated as the average of the trade and retail value of the vehicle as per the ITC Auto Dealers Guide, as at the month of the theft, limited to a maximum amount of R150 000.

Cartrack’s R150 000 Recovery Warranty does not cover losses relating to contents or damages to vehicles and it is crucial to note that it is neither an insurance product, nor a substitute thereof.


• It is a great value add to top up an insurance short-fall or to aid in the replacement of a vehicle that is not insured
• The warranty is available and included in the current retail subscriptions of all new Cartrack clients as from 01 September 2012
• Existing clients can pay a once-off software upgrade (remote upgrade) fee of R299 inclusive of VAT, to add the warranty to their bouquet of benefits
• The warranty is only available to clients who subscribe to Cartrack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) service
• A vehicle operated as a mini bus is not eligible for the warranty
• The warranty is valid for three years from the date of installation

As a result of Cartrack’s externally audited recovery rate of 93%, we firmly believe in putting our money where our mouth is. Alhough Cartrack is proud of its recovery rate, there will be rare occasions when a recovery may not be successful. In these occsions Cartrack believes that the client should not be left holding the short end of the stick and holds itself accountable as a stolen vehicle recovery provider.


• The theft of the vehicle must be reported to Cartrack within a specified time frame of six hours
• Theft or hijacking of the vehicle must reported to a law enforcement agency and the client must provide Cartrack with information such as a case number and where the loss has been reported
• The client must have concluded an agreement with Cartrack, either verbally or in writing, to give Cartrack authorisation to perform the necessary investigations relating to the claim
• Clients must regularly test their SVR unit to establish that the unit is working, and if not arrange for repairs to the unit
• Clients must update Cartrack of any changes to personal details such as contact numbers or address changes

For some people choosing which vehicle tracking company to go with can be a tough choice but for Mr. Absalom choosing Cartrack was a “no brainer”. Find out why he didn’t hesitate to recently install 30 Cartrack units in his company’s vehicles. For Mr Absalom there simply is no alternative when it comes to vehicle tracking. After watching this video, making the choice might be just as easy for you too.

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